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Check + SimplyInsured: Extend payroll business with embedded health

Small businesses today want one software platform to manage every aspect of their business—from time and attendance, to accounting, to payroll, and even insurance. These one-stop-shop platforms help them significantly simplify their operations. Check was founded on the idea of enabling software platforms to embed payroll into their platforms. But we were just getting started.

Today, we’re very excited to announce our first benefits integration through SimplyInsured, the online platform for small business health insurance plans. Platforms who embed payroll with Check can now power instant quotes for medical, dental, and vision insurance, and help small business customers compare and purchase health insurance without leaving their app. By leveraging our new SimplyInsured Component, platforms like Dripos have been able to launch small group health insurance 75% faster than building independently.

"We're excited to work with Check and their partners to make small group health insurance more accessible to small businesses," said Vivek Shah, Founder & CEO of SimplyInsured. "Small businesses are underserved in the traditional brokerage model. Our integration with Check allows for easy integration and a seamless shopping experience for their partners. What's most important is giving SMB customers access to different options so they can decide for themselves what best suits their needs."

Empowering small businesses through accessible health benefits

Small group health insurance is typically a slow, manual process with paper forms sent via fax. These bottlenecks have made it difficult for SaaS platforms to embed insurance solutions in a way that fits their customers’ needs. That changes with the SimplyInsured integration, which will help Check partners better serve small businesses across the country. 

SimplyInsured’s self-serve experience is tailored to the needs of small business customers, empowering them to compare plans side by side to find the one that best fits their business and budget, and ensuring they get the support and services they need despite their smaller plan sizes. By combining benefits, deductions, and payroll, Check partners are able to further simplify health benefits administration for their small business customers. 

By using the SimplyInsured Component, Check partners can go to market with a health insurance offering  75% faster than a traditional integration. This makes it easier to test for product-market-fit, differentiate with a small group health offering, and add a new revenue stream. Check partners can also power instant health insurance quotes by leveraging customer-specific payroll data.

Increase ARPU with the SimplyInsured Component

Dripos, a one-stop-shop vertical software platform for restaurants, was one of our first partners to leverage the SimplyInsured Component. In just a few weeks, they were able to spin up an embedded health insurance offering for their users. “Check’s integration with SimplyInsured allows our restaurants to offer health insurance right from our Dripos dashboard” said Avery Durrant, Co-Founder of Dripos. “The integration is simple to set up and significantly bolsters our payroll offerings."

We’re excited to partner with platforms like SimplyInsured to unlock new integrations in the coming quarters. Learn more about embedded health benefits through Check here.


This article was originally published on Check's blog, located here.

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