Deliver the health benefits your customers need

Improve lead conversion, increase revenue, and boost customer retention with embedded health benefits
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We partner with top payroll and HR providers

Sell you product

Sell your product

Modern payroll services are expected to have health benefits integrated into their platform.
Plug and Play Solution

Plug and play solution

Set up the integration and Simplylnsured will take care of the rest.
Grow your revenue

Grow your revenue and decrease churn

Get more revenue out of your existing customers through our revenue share program and by increasing their lifetime value.

Our Integration

SimplyInsured can sync company and employee information to provide instant and accurate health insurance quotes and to make the application process quick and easy for your customers.  In addition, the integration can automatically manage health benefits for employees who have been hired or terminated as well as automatically apply health benefit deductions to the employees' paychecks.

SimplyInsured Solution

Medical, dental, vision, and life

Instant, 100% accurate quotes for medical, dental, vision, and life plans for small businesses
Mental Dental and Vision
Online Application System

Simple online application process

It typically takes 10 minutes or less for small businesses to complete our easy online application process.  Our SimplyInsured experts will handle all aspects of the entire process so there is no operational lift necessary from our partners. 

Automated plan management

Benefits deductions, employee enrollments, and terminations are all handled automatically via the SimplyInsured integration
Automated Mgmt Plan
The SimplyInsured Difference

Our Solution

SimplyInsured seamlessly links easily accessible benefits to your platfrom


Instant quoting for medical, dental, vision and life
Easy online application process
Provides support for all aspects of end-to-end health benefits management
Automated plan management with deductions, enrollments, and terminations synced through payroll
Proven to increase conversion, improve retention and reduce churn on your platform

Manual Solutions

No integration or automation capabilities
Takes your customers weeks or months to be quoted or enrolled in benefits
Offer only a limited number of plans, which means less options and higher prices
Does not build brand loyalty or stickiness within your product

Other Digital Solutions

Only provide quoting, online application, or plan management, but not all three together
Requires extensive benefits expertise and an internal benefits management team
Limited integration capabilities

How does it work?

SimplyInsured seamlessly integrates easily accessible benefits to your platform
SimplyInsured has relationships with all major carriers
Instant quoting
Payroll and HR integration
A Team of experts to handle all support and management related to health benefits